This blog post is coming to you from pure desperation. We were stuck in the frozen tundra. It started snowing on Sunday night, and had continued to snow, and the temps are dropping. And…I had got to get out of the house…at least for a few minutes. Just like I would any other morning, I start my car and let it warm up for a bit, and allow enough time for the windshield to defrost. Then I went to the grocery store, only to come out and find that my windshield was frozen over again. What’s a girl to do when her windshield is frozen over and it’s oh, 3 degrees outside? She makes her own homemade car de-icer spray. Well, at least that’s what this girl did. And…it works like a charm! Let me show you…You will need a spray bottle filled about 1/3 of the way with water. Now, you’ll fill the rest of the bottle with Isopropyl Alcohol. Shake it up!Head out to your ice covered car. This is the windshield of mine before. Ridiculous, right?Spray liberally with your de-icing mixture.Watch for a second as the ice starts to instantly melt away.Turn your windshield wipers on so they cycle back and forth a few times.Get in your car and get on with your day…ice free of course!If your locks are frozen, go ahead and spray them too before inserting your key! You can even spray this mixture along the door to get it open! I have now made a spray bottle for each family member to take with them when they are out on the road. It won’t freeze in your car, and can be used if you find yourself in an emergency situation. My son loves it because when he comes out of school after a long day, he doesn’t have to stand outside and scrape his windshield off any more! This is too easy, right? Hope it helps you!

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