Chiropractors improve the immune system

Your Immune System, Colds & Flu Prevention

Research Shows
“Everyone has from 100-10,000 cancer cells floating in our bodies at all times.”
-“If the immune system is strong, they are destroyed before they do any damage. However, new cancer cells develop every day, so you must keep your immune system in top condition. If it weakens too much, that’s when cancer can establish itself.”
-Northwestern University Medical School, Dr. Michael Williams

“What causes cancer cells to become a problem is a poorly functioning immune system, the very condition that chiropractic care works to improve.”
-JVSR, 2004
-Chiropractic Research Journal

“Chiropractic patients had immune systems that were 200% stronger than non-cancer patients and 400% stronger than cancer patients.”
-Dr. Ronald Pero, New York University

“The patients under chiropractic care the longest had the greatest level of DNA Repair.”
“Study showed that serum thio levels in wellness subjects under chiropractic care were higher than patients with active disease and patient who had been under short term chiropractic care. Serum thiols are a measure of human health status from DNA repair.”
-JVSR, 2005

You’re probably thinking, How does a chiropractor improve the immune system. Very simply, your spine protects your central nervous system and your nervous system controls your immune system and interference to that will suppress your immune system. During this day and age with all the talk about bird flu, swine flu and whatever flu is named next having a optimal functioning immune system is vital to your ability to fight off viruses, bacteria, colds flu and cancer. Chiropractic has been proven in hundreds of research articles to improve the function of the immune system. If your immune system is working 200% stronger because you get the benefits
of chiropractic care than people who don’t use chiropractic, you have that much more ability to be healthy and not suffer from as many cold’s, flu as the population do. How important to you is it that you and your family have as optimal immune function to keep them healthy and not sick with the cold and flu?

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