Clean oven – naturally!

Well, like I mentioned before, I have not been spending too much time in the kitchen. I have been abiding by the sign above and watching my happy children make my floor stickier by each passing summer day.

I read this somewhere and know it too well to be true: “Cleaning your house while your children are home is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos.” Amen to that.

But, just recently I went on this crazy purging and cleaning spree. A house full of boys and their friends in the summertime, romping carefree through the house, leaving trails of crumbs and puddles from wet swimsuits behind them,  just may have been what set me off.

And I clearly need more excitement in my life because this following discovery has thrilled me to no end.

I figured out a magic concoction to clean the disgusting, baked-on crud off of my oven door….without chemicals! And it is a completely quick and easy way to make it sparkly clean.

My oven gets a lot of use and I never thought I could get it this see-through again.

I do get that my oven has a self-cleaning feature. I just refuse to use it because I hate that smell more than I hate looking at my gross mess in there. So I usually just scrub any immediate messes the best I can and then go about my day.

So…after reading about a number of different non-toxic, natural, chemical-free oven cleaning remedies, I finally decided to combine a bunch of ideas and create my own. It was so simple and only involved exactly what I had on hand.

First I opened the oven door.

Then I sprayed it with a mixture of white Vinegar and Water.

Then I covered this mixture with Baking Soda.

Then I covered that with Kosher Salt.

Then I sprayed a little more of that lovely Vinegar and Water. You could actually hear the Vinegar and Baking Soda working their magic together and sizzling away.

Then I waited. I am not good at waiting patiently. I could have let it sit overnight. I figured ten minutes would have to do just fine though.

Then I scrubbed. Then my husband started laughing at me.

Then he scrubbed. Then I started laughing at him.

Note the blurry picture. It is because I was, indeed, laughing at him while capturing this moment on film.

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