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Why Detox is Essential

Detox is essential simply because we live in a world  loaded with toxic compounds.  By and large the environment and our personal  surroundings are far more contaminated than ever before.
Where are we exposed to toxins

If you live in a city, the air can be polluted.
Drinking water sources are increasingly not healthy to consume simply because chemical substances as well as toxins have infiltrated all of our water.

Many individuals are exposed to chemical substances at their workplace, however are afraid are scared to stop their work for concern they are unable to make just as much income someplace else.

Furniture, clothes, flooring, brand-new cars and trucks almost all discharge toxic compounds into each of our very own environment.

The majority of us apply chemical substances on to our bodies such as personal care products made out of petroleum oil as well as other harmful and toxic harmful ingredients.

We are exposed to chemicals and pollutants every day. Detox should be a part of our everyday life.

One’s body could possibly deal with all this when we consumed just healthy food, drank pure water, got plenty of of the right type of physical exercise, were emotionally steady and well adjusted and took the optimal amounts of health supplements while keeping away from second-hand smoke and seldom indulged in caffeine, alcohol or leisure drugs. Although some people know individuals like that, for many we undoubtedly are a little more relaxed.

Importance of your liver
Your very first level of understanding needs to be to think about just what all that means for your body. This means that your body, specially your liver, must process all of the toxic compounds along also with the rest of its functions.

A few of these functions involves the following:
metabolize (process, digest, take up, make use of, and absorb) proteins, fats and sugars, supply nutrients which maintain life;  make bile to break up fat. Over eating and consuming excessive fat places an additional burden on the  liver
metabolize the medicines and alcoholic beverages a lot of us use to help us relax
metabolize the caffeinated drinks most of us use to get up and going each day
break down and removing excess hormones
clean up toxins such as those caused by the metabolism of food
Signs symptoms of toxic liver

Once the liver can not complete each one of these  functions, you ultimately start to experience signs and symptoms of toxic overload for example:
fatigue and tiredness
skin eruptions
allergy symptoms
mental confusion, difficulty concentrating, or maybe the blues or depressed feeling.

Now that you understand a little bit about how the liver works,  I am sure you must be ready to learn how to detoxify your body and take a load off your liver.

10 Simple ways to detoxify and lose weight without changing your entire life.

By making a few easy changes you can detox and lose weight beginning today without drastically changing your life.

#1. Eat organic fruits and vegetables
Conventional fruits and vegetables are full of chemicals that harm your body. Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Look and feel healthier.

#2. Eat organic meats
When you eat a burger the growth hormones that were given to the cow are then passed on to you thus making you grow and gain weight! Organic meat is produced without giving the animal antibiotics or growth hormones. Only buy certified organic meat and only eat free-range chicken. Your body will thank you.

#3. Do a juice fast
The juice fast essentially means you drink juice throughout the day, every day. Your juice must be fresh and organic. This can be done for 3 days, 10 days or 30 days. It depends on your level of discipline, your size and your health goals. If you have never done a juice fast before then you will start seeing results right away!

#4. Add apple cider vinegar to your diet You can use it as salad dressing or drink it with water. Apple Cider Vinegar helps detoxify your liver. Take 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in water before every meal to aid in weight-loss.

#5. Add coconut oil when you cook Virgin coconut oil can be added to your everyday meals as a substitute for your cooking oil. It improves digestion, which assists the body to detoxify and promotes weight-loss as well as  keeps skin and hair looking young and healthy

#6. Drink green tea EGCG, an antioxidant contained in green tea, helps the body burn fat. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, and the polyphenols found in green tea also help your body to detoxify by reducing the time that toxins stay in your system.

#7. Dry-brush your skin before you shower
Go to your local health food store and buy a dry brush. Then brush your skin before every shower. Skin brushing helps to detoxify by removing dead skin cells and toxins helping you lose weight and have glowing skin.

#8. Use a shower filter
Your tap water can contain pesticides, toxic bacteria, viruses and traces of human and animal waste. Every time you take a shower or drink out of the tap you are ingesting dangerous toxic chemicals. Detoxify by filtering your water it will also improve the appearance of your hair and skin!

#9. Add fiber to your diet
Fiber helps to detoxify because it keeps your meal moving along the digestive  tract and helps flush your body of waste.  Fiber also keeps your energy levels high, and slows your rate of carbohydrate digestion, which helps you maintain your blood sugar levels.  When blood sugar levels are maintained losing weight is easier.

#10. Use only natural and organic beauty products
Most of our beauty products are full of toxins, preservatives, and even poisons. These are put in our beauty products in order to give them a longer shelf life and thus give the company more profits. Using organic products guarantees that you will not be putting toxins into your body every day.

Add some of these simple tips into your life. By doing this it will help you  eliminate toxins from your body on a daily basis this will help you lose more weight, look and feel better and know that you are living a more healthy life.  Detoxify and lose weight, start today.

Enjoy an ION Cleanse from Abundant Health. In September enjoy buy one, get one FREE. Call 970-256-7454 for your appointment today!

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