DIY Natural Window Screen Spray – Dissolves Dust!;-) – Homemade Version

DIY Natural Window Screen Spray – Dissolves Dust!;-) – Homemade Version.

 My last two weeks have been filled with a LOT of Fall cleaning… I know, I know, but hey! better late than never:-) (check out the vintage poster below that I found in a cute shop – I think it is a portrait of me and how I excuse my procrastination;-))  Anyway, during the clean-up I came up with a spray to keep my window screens clean on a daily basis and to be able to have ONLY fresh air enter the house when I open the windows at night. And it’s super simple – per poster, again, I can’t do something that would take me more than a few minutes;-)))
–4 tsp Baking Soda – it’s great for dissolving all the dirt that builds up on the screens plus it deodorizes them (welcome to the freshest air possible!;-)
–4 cups Water  distilled water would be even better – especially since it’s super inexpensive
–a few drops  Antimicrobial Essential Oil***

*** The most potent antimicrobial oils are clovecinnamonbay and thyme(according to the scientific studies). I DEFINITELY recommend using one of those four – they aren’t more expensive than other oils, yet you’ll need to use less due to their higher potency (cinnamon bark oil is a bit pricey, yet it’s been proven that less expensive cinnamon leaf oil is just as effective). But you can also use other antimicrobial oils like tea tree, lavender, lemon, peppermint and etc. – they are just a bit less effective:-(


I take two spray bottles and fill one with two cups of water and baking soda, and the other one – with the remaining two cups of water and a few drops of essential oil. Then I shake both bottles up very well – especially the baking soda one to make sure soda dissolves nicely in water.Every night when I open the windows I first spray the screens with baking soda which dissolves all the dirt and dust. Once I’m done spraying all the windows I come back and spray them over again with the essential oil solutions – it washes off the soda with the dirt and leaves the essential oil to protect the screens from any microbial growth. It takes me no more than three minutes to do all five windows in the house. And my nose is definitely happier now that I incorporated such cleaning into my daily routine;-)))
P.S. I also want to note that even though the sprays definitely help keep the screens fresher and cleaner longer, a regular seasonal wash with soap and all the jazz is still a must. I know, it’s a bummer!:-(

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