Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition for which the causes are unclear. Pain in the neck, back, chest, back of the head and shoulders is most common, but the pain is often elsewhere as well. The pain is often diverse and is described as achy, burning or throbbing as well as shooting or stabbing. Though there are many variations from patient to patient, one commonality seems to be a set of 18 “tender points” that are more sensitive than people without fibromyalgia. Conventional medicine has yet to figure out the cause. Many people with fibromyalgia also experience allergies, dizziness, loss of balance, extreme fatigue, headaches, IBS, jaw pain, memory loss an other symptoms as well indicating that there’s a lot more to fibromyalgia than simply pain. It is often misdiagnosed because even the diagnostic criteria are unclear.

It may seem odd to think that chiropractic care can relieve fibromyalgia because you simply don’t consider fibromyalgia to be a spinal alignment issue, but chiropractors consider spinal alignment to contribute to a vast wealth of health problems. The spine is a center of communication between the organs and muscles to the brain. When spinal misalignment prohibits or interrupts signaling, health conditions can develop in any number of areas.

Through proper manipulation, spinal alignment can be restored and thus the signaling and blood flow to the organs and other tissues of the body. Painful inflammation is also relieved through proper chiropractic manipulation.

Anti-depressants are often prescribed in conventional practice to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms through the increased production of serotonin (pleasure hormone) in the brain. Chiropractic care can accomplish an increase in serotonin levels without the need for potentially harmful, expensive pharmaceuticals.

As well, modern chiropractors often incorporate other alternative aspects to health in their care. Advice and support can be given on other important factors in managing fibromyalgia such as pain management, supplementation, proper diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

The painful symptoms of fibromyalgia often interfere with the patient’s ability to live a quality life. It’s important to seek treatment and chiropractic care may be of extreme benefit to those that suffer.

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