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Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage

Your complete wellness facility.

What makes us special?

We are a full service wellness clinic offering top notch Chiropractic care, Acupuncture treatments, massage therapy, reflexology, foot detoxes, low level laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, nutritional training and much more! We also have lots of African jewelry and other products as Dr. McFarland recently adopted a girl from Uganda!

What is Chiropractic care and why would I need it?

The word Chiropractic means “with hands only”, and that is what Dr. McFarland does. She uses her hands to manipulate the bones that contain the nervous system which controls every aspect of the human body. If you are dealing with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, low back pain, post surgical pain, have been involved in an auto accident, then Chiropractic care can help you. In other words, if you are alive and breathing and would like a higher quality of life, then Chiropractic care is for you. Dr. McFarland treats pregnant women, new born infants, all ages of children, kids in sports who want to improve their physical abilities, all ages of athletes, all the way up to 90+ year olds.

What is Acupuncture and why would I need a treatment?

Acupuncture is part of an ancient Chinese form of medicine called Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been around for over 5000 years. Acupuncture is used to help with many different ailments including Arthritis, Addictions, Induction of labor, Allergies and Sinusitis, pre and post surgical recovery, post stroke care, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and much more. Pretty much anything you can think of, Acupuncture can help take care of the problem. The combination of Chiropractic and Acupuncture is the most powerful medicine you can experience, as your body is innately intelligent and wants to be in a state of health, not a state of dis-ease.

What is Massage therapy and why would I want to utilize it?

Massage therapy helps to relax stressed out tissue. It helps detoxify the body by moving toxins out of the muscles and back into a system in which it can be eliminated from the body. It helps enhance performance in athletes, decrease pain and discomfort in arthritic joints, improved recovery time from workouts and it plain flat feels good. We have the best quality massage therapists you will find in the valley.

Why Laser therapy?

Laser therapy is one of the most studied modalities of care in the world. There has been so much research in the past few years it is almost unbelievable what has been discovered. Laser therapy can cut healing time in half! If a fracture normally takes 6 weeks to heal, it takes 3 weeks with proper laser use. Laser therapy has been proven to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, improve healing time, reduce risk of cancers and infections, improves brain health and ability to fully function and much more. Come in and try it, it may just save your life.

Why should I care about my nutrition?

Unfortunately, we live in an instant gratification world nowadays. And if you aren’t aware of what you are putting in your mouth, or why you might want to shift that, then you may end up leading a very short, very unhealthy and very unfulfilled life, full of drugs and surgeries that are most likely unnecessary. At Abundant Health, LLC, you will learn how to change that aspect of your life to lead a more healthful, fulfilling, longer life. It only takes a few easy changes. A. Eat more omega 3s (fish oil), about 3000mg/day. B. Consume 5000IUs of D3 every day. C. Drink water! Purified water. D. Avoid ALL artificial sweeteners as they are poisonous, turn to their cancerous form at 98degrees, the human body is 98.6 (Stevia is not artificial, it is not poisonous), and avoid ALL FORMS of MSG.

What is a foot detox and how can that benefit me?

Foot detoxes are a wonderful way to pull heavy metals out of your body. Why would you have heavy metals in your body, you ask? Do you use Fluoride in your toothpaste? That’s a heavy metal. Have you ever been vaccinated? They are full of Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Mercury, Acetone and Antifreeze, and none of those are good for you either. If you drink water from the tap, you are consuming Copper, the second leading cause of Alzheimer’s, apart from Aluminum, the leading component of the Flu shot. If that isn’t reason enough for you, ask us and we can give you a few more reasons to detox, such as weight loss, helps with quitting addictions and more.

We have more to offer than one sheet of paper can offer. We would love to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. Come by to see us and enjoy a coupon on us for $20 off your initial visit! We pray you will take charge of your health today! Set an appointment today and get on the fast track to your healthier life today!

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Abundant Health, LLC

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$45 one hour massage.

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