Healing the Flu Naturally

If the flu hits you there are 3 easy remedies to remember about foods that heal:
•You want to flush it out as fast as possible: Moist mucus in your throat traps the flu virus and sends it down the drain – literally: it washes the virus down to your stomach where powerful digestive acids destroy it. That means plenty of hydrating liquids are potent flu remedies.
•You want to boost the immune defense that lines up behind your white blood cells battling the virus: Compounds like flavonoids have antiviral features that fight the free radicals that are on the lose in your body.
Samples of flavonoid foods:
Apples (flavonoids are in the skin)
Chocolate (dark, not milk) and cocoa
Red grapes
Red wine
Tea (all kinds)
•You want to allow yourself enough rest to recover – and that includes your digestive system too. Increase the liquids and decrease the solid food intake, as your body’s energy should not be redirected too much from flu-fighting to digestive functions. That’s why sleep is part of the natural flu remedies – it allows your body to heal itself at its own pace.
And DO SKIP the antibiotics – they are not flu remedies as they can’t treat viral infections. They could hit you with unwanted side effects when you need them least, and above all they could lead to antibiotic resistance, which means you get so used to popping pills that they no longer work when you really need them (Source:Centers for disease control and prevention).

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