Hidden Health Benefits

Relieve Headaches: Quinoa

Who knew? Brains have their own metabolism just like the rest of the body. The riboflavin in quinoa boosts this metabolism, giving the brain a dose of energy that can fight against unwanted headaches.

Boost Metabolism: Grapefruit

This pink super-fruit might be the perfect workout companion. Grapefruits contain powerful antioxidants that, when processed, cause a mega boost in our metabolisms.

Healthy Nails: Salmon

Trying to reverse years of damage caused by your bad nail-biting habit? Salmon is rich in Vitamin D, which fuels key nutrients that aid in nail growth.

Prevent Wrinkles: Yogurt

Starting off the day with a bowl of yogurt might fight against more than early-morning hunger pains. Shockingly, the protein in this creamy snack makes it harder for unwanted wrinkles to form.

Whiten Teeth: Strawberries

This double-duty superfood provides the highest levels of Vitamin C out of all citrus fruits, and it helps whiten your smile. The astringency in strawberries can reduce tooth discoloration caused by other foods and beverages, like coffee.

Sleep Better: Chickpeas

A sound night’s sleep may be a simple meal away. Surprisingly, a property in chickpeas aids in the production of melatonin, the same chemical our brain releases when we sleep.

Boost Immune System: Garlic

We should have figured something strong enough to fight off vampires could also fight off a common cold. Garlic contains a large amount of allicin, which kills bacteria that causes infections and illnesses.

Relieve Stress: Chocolate

As if you needed another excuse to eat chocolate, here it is: This sweet confection releases serotonin in the brain, which lowers stress levels and promotes happiness.

Reduce Excessive Sweating: Olive Oil

Next time your nerves are working overtime, load up on olive oil. Since the oil is easily digested, the body doesn’t need to work as hard to process it. Therefore, it produces less sweat.

Cure Chapped Lips: Peanut Butter

A lack of vitamin B can really roughen up your pucker. The good news: Peanut butter contains the necessary proteins and vitamins for maintaining a softer smooch.

Healthier Hair: Sweet Potatoes

This sweet superfood may be the secret to luscious locks. Packed with Vitamin A, sweet potatoes help produce important scalp oils that promote rapid growth and shinier hair.

Fade Scars: Tomatoes

Battle wounds be gone: Tomatoes help promote tissue growth, which can fade scars at a faster speed. They also provide nutrients that help cuts heal faster in the first place. This seems like a good excuse to eat more saucy foods … like pizza.

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