Joy by Patrick Dean & Nancy

What is Joy?

Joy is an experience that occurs in the absence of worry, fear and sadness. We believe it is a natural condition when worry, fear and sadness are removed. It isn’t something we have to force, manufacture or “work at” to experience.  We want to share with you ways of thinking that will lead to more joy. These will also create less stress and a more calm and “drama” free experience of life.

Seven Ways to Bring More Joy into Your Life

1. Quit blaming yourself for bad decisions. Certainly learn from them, and notice if you keep making the same ones over and over. However,  remember, you probably made the best decision you could make in that moment, given the circumstances and your state of awareness at the time. Blaming yourself by hanging out in guilt is very self-indulgent. Sometimes we just have to feel sorry for ourselves for a while. This is ok, (and normal) but be in the practice of cutting down the amount of time you see yourself as a victim.

2. Knowledge that every good and bad event in life contributes to our character. This may sound simplistic, but there is a basic truth here.  You can handle these events with grace and courage or you can choose to be a victim to them. “Things happen”in life, but what you make up about these “things” and the meaning you give them is your choice.

3. Live authentically. I have to confess to you that every time I took the easier, softer

way, and did not tell the truth to others or myself, I created a lot less joy in my life.  You don’t have to be harsh with people, but certainly learn to take a stand for yourself.

 4. I have learned that whining and moaning about how unfair life is will only get you a fan club of people around you who think the same way.

5. Live your purpose. If you are saying that I “don’t know my purpose” or “I am confused”, here is one you can use while you are figuring out your true purpose.  Live as if your life influenced hundreds of other people (it does). Live a compassionate and committed life. It is very important to know that you can change other people’s lives just by how you live your life. Bring more love, compassion and commitment and less complaint to the planet.

6. I have found one constant in this world. Everything will change. No matter how bad or good things are going, it will shift. What you can always count on is change.  You are always at choice about how you think about change.

7. In the end, we are all in life together. Learn to give and receive.

Finally to eliminate messes and major problems as much as possible. Do this by by following my friend Doug Pittman’s advice:  

“Live your life as a question, to which the only answer is love.”

I think this is a life well lived,

Patrick Dean and Nancy

Dillon Beach, California

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