Lose Weight: Juicing!

I hope you enjoy the juice story of the week from Ronald, who is a new man today because of juicing!
Stories can inspire and motivate us to work harder and be more disciplined to reach our desired goals. If you have a story about how juicing and changing your diet has improved your health, please send it to me so I can share it with our readers.
Ronald Lost 55 Pounds

After 33 days of juice fasting with a break of 15 days for vegan eating, I reached a landmark. I’ve lost 55 pounds of ugly fat. My wife, Genie, has lost 35 pounds. Together that’s 90 pounds!

But even more remarkable is the health I’m regaining.  This is evidenced by lower blood sugar-down 70 points.  Hence, I’ve now controlled my diabetes. My chronic, lower back pain, which had previously stopped me from walking through a grocery store without leaning on a cart, is gone. I also anticipate that my blood pressure is dropping. And, I’m enjoying an improved mood and cognitive function. Wow!

Juicing is a very useful tool to “Reboot your life!”  I’m now “eating to live” rather than living to eat. This is my new plan for changing my long-term lifestyle.                                                                 Ronald

There’s Just Days Left to Get The Cleanses at a Discount

From now until Labor Day, I’m offering 10% off the cleanse kits. When the weather is warm, it’s a perfect time to cleanse because we usually want to eat lighter.  It’s much easier to eat a lot of raw foods along with veggie juices and lighter vegan foods, which really promotes cleansing and good health.

Did you know that when you cleanse your body, you can lose weight?  It’s true. Toxins can actually keep us from losing weight.  The body will store them in fat cells to protect us and hang onto the fat to protect our delicate tissues and organs from the toxins. Often, when people cleanse, they say the fat just seems to melt away.  But that’s not all.  This 21-Day Internal Cleanse Program can help you–
improve your mood
gain creativity
improve memory
increase joy
improve your sense of wellbeing
stabilize mood swings
The physical benefits rival the emotional including:
healthier appearance
more vitality
increased energy
elimination of toxic waste
stronger immune system
improved response to stress
more flexibility
lessening of pain
cleansing of mucous and congestion
better bowl function

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