Managing Asthma

In case you missed my video coaching sessions, here is part I of what was covered. Asthma is more than wheezing. The best way to understand asthma is an analogy of a garden hose. The hose represents your small airways. If someone steps on the garden hose, less water can get out. This represents what happens when an asthmatic is exposed to one of their triggers. This is called constriction. Another component of asthma is inflammation. Image the garden hose with mud caked inside. Again less water can move through the hose. With asthma this is inflammation that occurs inside your airways. If this isn’t treated, your airways become twitchier and more likely to react when you are exposed to a trigger.

The best way to monitor asthma is with a peak flow meter. Here are the steps for using a meter:
1. Move the slide to the bottom of the scale on the meter.
2. Stand up straight.
3. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs.
4. Hold your breath while placing the mouthpiece in your mouth between your teeth.
5. Close your lips around the mouthpiece keeping your tongue away from the hole.
6. Blow out as hard and fast as you can in a single blow.
7. Repeat this twice and record the highest number.

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