Massage: Reiki – what is it?

What is a Reiki massage? Reiki is not massage, but it can be combined with massage for reiki healing. Reiki healing is the usage of spiritual energy to heal a person’s aura or situation. The word “Reiki”…

Reiki healing is the usage of spiritual energy to heal a person’s aura or situation. The word “Reiki” actually translates to “Universal Life Force Energy.” Massage is the process of rubbing or kneading different parts of the body for therapeutic reasons or purposes.

“Reiki and massage are two separate things,” informs our Reiki Expert Hope Cramer. Cramer was trained in the practice of Reiki and is a member of International Association of Reiki Professionals and International Healers Association.

Many times massage therapists who are trained in Reiki will combine the two practices for optimal results in therapy. Licensed therapists often take Reiki classes in order to learn how to use the energy to promote spiritual well-being as well as physical well-being in their treatments.

The usual treatment of Reiki massage begins at the head and works its way through the seven different chakras.

“The hand placements coincide with the seven major chakras or energy centers of the physical body,” Cramer says.

Reiki massage has been used to help patients manage pain and increase their quality of living. Reiki massage is different from normal massage because the practitioner does not knead or manipulate the tissues or muscles of the patient. Instead, the hands of the practitioner remain still, and the energy of healing is sent through the channels of the practitioner into the patient.

If you are nervous about your first massage treatment combining Reiki and traditional massage, there is no need. The practitioner will not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You will remain completely clothed, as it is not necessary for there to be skin-to-skin contact. Reiki massage can even be used to send energy to broken bones or injuries that are covered by casts and bandages.

Reiki is used to treat conditions such as TMJ (more commonly known as lock-jaw), muscle pain, tension, stress, injury healing, pain management and over 60 other medical ailments. In the Western world, there are four different areas or chakras of the body used for treatment. They are the head, body, legs/feet and back, respectively.

Experts are trained in this Japanese system of energy healing that was discovered by a doctor named Mikau Usui. It has been used worldwide for thousands of years. Once a practitioner is trained as a Reiki Master-Teacher, they can administer healing treatments on themselves, other people, animals and even plants. Anyone who is open to the idea of spiritual energies can take classes to become a Master-Teacher in Reiki.

In these classes, students learn hand placements and meditations for their patients. Students learn how to use the seven chakras on the body to treat different ailments and illnesses in the body. These treatments are administered in person and sometimes over distances. Healing energies can be sent around the world at any time by a certified Reiki Master.

Reiki treatments are said to be one hundred percent safe; they do not incur any side effects or injuries. There are sensations that are felt, but they are different for different people. Some people experience a sensation of warmth or tingling. Others experience a spirit of relaxation and balance. Depending on the patient, Reiki treatments have been known to show results immediately or over a period of extended time. Make sure that you are going to a certified Reiki Master-Teacher to receive your treatments.

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