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The whole world has heard of arch supports, custom insoles or orthotics. They are needed because; the foot is actually a complex machine that depends on all of its 26 bones and even more tendons to work in harmony.  When it works as designed, the foot is capable of remarkable things which all help insure not only pain-free health of the foot, but the parts up the chain including ankles, knees, hips and spine.  The foot unwinds to absorb shock as the heel strikes the ground, changes shape to accommodate to varied terrain, then winds back up to be a firm, propulsive lever to advance forward.  Assisted by gravity, body weight, muscle weakness and hard floors, the foot learns to unwind and flatten the arch ever closer to the ground, getting flatter with age.  You may have heard this called over pronation, which is a fancy name for flat, flexible feet.  From a very common-sense, mechanical point of view, the only way you can effectively control the foot is to apply a force directly up under the arch.  The reason we can now do that comfortably is modern plastics.  We are able to take a custom mold of your foot here in the office, and we get real information, like foot structure, weight, and daily activities, to determine how much support each foot needs.  There are many treatments for foot problems, medications, a zillion different pads, cushions, and of course surgery.  All of these are temporary pain relieving effects.  But if you want to change to a permanent solution, you must change how your feet function, and the only way to do that is a true custom, biomechanical orthotic. Come on into the office for a fitting, you can get 1 pair of orthotics for $400, or  2 pair  for $550  but for this month only, you can receive $100 off an orthotic fitting. So make your appointment NOW!  Call Abundant Health at 970-256-7454

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