I have to say that I went in to see Dr.Shalona McFarland for my knee. Little did I realize that I had more going on than I knew. I feel like a new person! I’d been to several doctors and not one of them moved my leg to see what could be causing me pain. I was told that I needed a cortisone shot, did that and it didn’t really help I went through an ultrasound looking for blood clots, none were found. This happened when one morning I got out of bed, almost falling on the floor, I couldn’t walk. Then I was told I was bone on bone and Iwasn’t and referred to a Sports medicine doc. She wanted to inject a form of a foamy cushion in my knee. I almost went through with it when I met Dr. McFarland. We had a chat and I saw the light so to speak. I just want say, please consider seeking alternative methods of healing before wasting time, money & pain. 5 Stars my friends, I’d give her 10 stars if that was an option.

– Val P.

I was directed to Abundant Health by my vet. I took my little dog who was experiencing extreme back pain and after seeing the relief Dr. McFarland gave him I was amazed. I then started going weekly for myself and wow what a difference I have felt. I will never go anywhere else! I am always able to get in, the staff is amazing, and best of all it is affordable! Thank you so much for changing our lives for the better 🙂

– Jessica R.

What a great place to be WELL.

– Steve A.

I have known Shalona for years, and you will not find a more passionate advocate for natural health!

– Mike M.

Dr. McFarland & Melanie are great! Dr. McFarland always adjustments me great! So happy I started going there.

– Mystie R.

Never felt out of place there. Dr. McFarland is someone I would give the shirt off of my back to help if needed. Staff is delightful and puts up with my foul demeanor when I am hurting. Dr. Gochee is wonderful, and makes me laugh at myself.

– John K.

I love the Treatments and the staff. I have benefited from Chiropractic adjustment and from acupuncture.

– Steve A.