We Bead Connected

We Bead Connected

Have you noticed the beautiful jewelry and baskets and bags in our lobby…We thought you might like a little history of these beautiful creations. We Bead Connected is a nonprofit organization committed to women and children living in Uganda. By working together, we hope to uplift, encourage, and support our members living a self-sustainable life by providing an active market for their unique beautifully handcrafted paper-bead necklaces. We Bead Connected educates, involves, and provides awareness to Americans about culture, and needs in Uganda. We work with the women to overcome their immediate challenges in looking out to the promise held in their hard work, using the scarce resources around them, turning recycled paper into beautiful works of art, and allocating the proceeds from the bead sales to promise a stronger future for their children by supporting them through school. Peaceful Heart Uganda

How it all began

Solomon Byaruhanga a native of Uganda, started this project in early 2008. He found that there were over 2000 (mothers) families living in HIV positive in the same community. His heart went out to these ladies that suffered in silence. He began helping the women with encouraging words and prayers, food and clothes. Solomon felt that if he could be their voices and enroll others, lives could be changed. When the McGehee family heard of Solomon’s idea to help these women, they were immediately interested in being involved. They felt it was a wonderful way to honor their adopted children’s mother, Christine, who died of AIDS in July 2006. With Solomon being from Uganda he has a true perspective of what the needs are and how to get things done. The McGehee’s have the heart connection and two beautiful treasures, that comes from this heartbreaking situation. Both of these organizations are helping women and children everyday make their lives and futures better. Next time you are in the office take a look at the book we have showing the names and faces of children who are being helped by the selling of these beautifully crafted jewelry, and handbags. And show your support by purchasing one of these unique items.

To purchase any of items from We Bead Connection come into Abundant Health’s office at 731 Bookcliff Ave. Grand Junction CO. 81501

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