Winter Skin Problems?

The Surprising Solution to All Your Winter Skin Problems

The brutal winter weather this year makes us question why we haven’t picked up and moved to a tropical island. With the indoor heat cranked up high, we’ve dealt with sore throats, cotton mouth, and skin that’s so dry we want to cannonball into a pool of coconut oil. Sadly our solution can’t be a move to the Caribbean, but we canmimic the climate with a humidifier.

We’ve seen enough clunky humidifiers in our day to know we have to be discerning buyers, though. We wanted a humidifier that has styleand substance, and after testing out tons of models, we ended up with two favorites:

This teardrop-shaped beauty pumps out a plume of humidity that alleviates all ourparched symptoms. And while most humidifiers are an ugly cross between a plastic milk jug and a fog machine, this one has such sleek design that we kept it proudly displayed. The dial with 10 settings doesn’t change the output much, but it is “whisper quiet” as advertised, and it has automatic shut-off when empty—all the easier to set-it-and-forget-it before bed. Refilling is super easy with a tank that’s small enough to fit under every faucet, but still is big enough to run for up to 24 hours. And it’s made of anti-microbial materials, so there’s no risk of a mildew smell when it’s running. We’re so happy with this model, we gave it a pet name: Snoop Fogg. Note to Crane: Future models could play “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

The future called and it looks like this humidifier. The sleek lines and minimalist design look more like modern art than a humidifier, which had us showing off this beauty to anyone who came over. (We promise our friends don’t think we’re thatweird.) But this gadget isn’t all looks and no substance. It’s super powerful—covering rooms up to 650 square feet (basically the size of a New York apartment)—and lasts up to 20 hours. Plus, set up is a breeze. Fill the tank, press the power button, and voilà, the humidifier starts releasing a cool mist 90 seconds later. This model offers three different mist levels, but if your space is anywhere near as dry as ours, you’ll want to keep it on full blast every time you run it. While the price of this humidifier falls into splurge territory, it comes with a few fun add-ons, like a calming night light and the ability to double as an aroma diffuser that make this feel like the ultimate#treatyoself purchase.

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