6 Things to Purge From Your Closet in the Next 20 Minutes

Take a look through your wardrobe and eliminate these six space-sucking items that everyone has, but no one needs. It’s a quick exercise with a big payoff (in the form of a more organized, clean closet space)—and it’s the best way to jumpstart any style resolutions you made for 2016.

By Rebecca Daly

Because of their “It” status upon introduction, bag trends are one of the quickest fashion items to go out of style. Every season brings a new shape, color, and level of hardware (or lack thereof) to covet, so unless it’s something classic, like a clean leather tote, chances are your long-unused purse is passé.

2 Any Undergarments With Holes.
They’re called “delicates” for a reason. Lacey lingerie, tights, and other unmentionables have a relatively short shelf-life due to their dainty construction, especially if you’re the type who’s guilty of not hand washing your underwear on the regular (so, most of us). But the truth is that those panties with the overstretched elastic and that bra with the underwire that always pokes through are both uncomfortable and not working properly. Say goodbye.

3 Clothing That Is Stained or Yellowed Beyond Repair.
Yes, it’s the worst when you spill red wine on one of your favorite pieces, and it’s sad when your favorite white tee ceases to be, well, white, but if you’ve tried every trick in the book to tackle those stains and nothing will work, it’s time for them to go.

4 The Sweaters You’ve De-Pilled to Shreds.
It happens to even the best cashmere: A beloved sweater that gets a ton of use is going to get worn out. You can keep your knits in great shape for years with the proper care, but eventually you’ll wind up with a sweater (or a few) that have been gleaned one too many times, have one too many snags, or one too many unpatchable holes.

5 The Trophy Shoes.
Yes, a gorgeous pair of heels may be tempting—especially if they’re a steal or on super sale. But if you’ve only worn them once (and had to change into flats halfway through that) because just thinking about them makes your feet hurt, considering giving them to a friend with a higher tolerance for pain.

6 Jeans That Just Aren’t Quite Right.
Much like a great sweater, high-quality jeans can last for years, but that doesn’t make them immortal. Check your denim drawer and purge any pairs that have become baggy at the knees or in the butt, have holes (that you don’t want them to have), feature trends not likely to make a comeback anytime soon (hello, bedazzled back pockets), or simply don’t fit well.

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