7 “healthy” foods that could be making you fat

Many foods that are advertised as being healthy and natural are actually not healthy at all. There’s no category of foods less healthy than most diet foods. Here some examples of unhealthy “healthy” foods.

1. Aspartame. The NutraSweet in your diet drinks and other foods may actually be encouraging your body chemistry to overindulge and crave sweet foods. It can also damage beneficial bacteria in your digestive system, which are responsible for normal digestion of important nutrients in your body.

2. Diet soda. Research has found that with each diet soda you drink, your risk for being overweight increases by 41 percent.

3. Veggie chips aren’t much healthier than ordinary potato chips. Most veggie chips are mostly made from corn flour or potato ingredients.

4. Pretzels. Because these are mainly made from salt and refined white flour, you may as well be eating straight sugar, because that’s what your body chemistry creates from this refined carbohydrate snack. Don’t be fooled by the package, which shouts “fat free” or “sugar free.”

5. Cereals. Whether they’re high-fiber, whole-grain or not, break down in your body and increase your insulin levels for more efficient fat-storage. Put limits on them and replace them with vegetables, healthy fats like avocados, and proteins.

6. Frozen yogurt. Most contain way too much sugar. It will spike your insulin and encourage fat storage. You may want to create your own home-made frozen yogurt sweetened with fruit.

7. Fructose. This sweetener is often considered “healthy” because it’s what exists naturally in fruit. If you only ate the fructose in raw fruit you’d be fine. But the fructose as in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is not fine! It shows up in all kinds of foods and beverages. It’s the primary factor in the obesity epidemic.

At the end of the day, what decides whether we’ll be successful at managing our weight and health is how we manage our carbohydrates, whether it’s grains (including whole grains) or sugars (especially fructose).


1. Make a pantry check for the 7 foods listed above and eliminate them from your shopping list.

2. Share some of these ideas on Facebook and in calls with your team. Give them a quiz to see if they can identify all seven.

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