Big Mac attack – what happens next?

Big Mac© ASSOCIATED PRESS Big Mac You know what happens to your body after taking one sip of coffee, but that’s nothing compared to what occurs one hour after stuffing your face with a Big Mac. Besides instantly regretting your choice of meal, here is a breakdown of what happens inside you after deciding to eat that lump of a sandwich.

Just 10 minutes after eating a Big Mac, your blood sugar raises to abnormal levels. This is called the “why the hell did I just eat that” phase.

Since the Big Mac bun has high levels of sodium and high-fructose corn syrup your body will crave more of it after just 20 minutes. This is called the “I completely hate myself” phase.

A half hour after eating a Big Mac your kidneys will have trouble getting rid of all that sodium, forcing your heart to work faster to pump blood to your veins. This can ultimately lead to a stroke or heart disease. This is called the “My diet starts on Monday” phase.

Even after eating that 540 calorie burger, your body will start to feel hungry again after just 40 minutes. This is the “let me find a good corner to shame eat” phase.

After one hour that burger will just sit in the pit of your stomach. The Big Mac usually takes up to three days to completely digest. This is the “eh, I had a good run” phase.

Dietician nutritionist Lisa Moskovitz says that while the infographic is “somewhat exaggerated” it is still accurate, and that the affects on a body vary from person to person.

This Is What Happens To Your Body One Hour After Devouring A Big Mac© Yahoo

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