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  • Ceilular Stress
    What is Cellular Stress?Cellular Stress is microscopic cell damage. You may not feel the effects of cellular stress until it’s too late. Cellular stress is the microscopic damage to our Read more
  • Dr. Carolyn Gochee
    My Chiropractic Story by Dr. Carolyn GocheeI am a doctor of chiropractic because I believe that Chiropractic can heal just about everything.I became a Chiropractic patient at the age of Read more
  • Ashwagandha - what is it?
    Dr. Shalona and Ashwagandha.Unlike many trendy herbs and tinctures, ashwagandha (known as Withania somnifera in the science world) actually lives up to the hype. Here is some research:Let it go, let it Read more
  • Marijuana: Pros & Cons
    The Pros and Cons of Medical MarijuanaPreviousOne of the most hotly debated topics in the world of medicine involves medical marijuana. There are a number of people on both sides Read more
  • Acupressure to Feel Better Right Now
    5 Ways to Use Acupressure to Feel Better Right NowBYKATE FRIEDMANAPRIL 12, 2017 8:30 AMPHOTO: STOCKSYNot feeling great? There are a lot of little things you can do—get up and take Read more
  • How to view the solar eclipse
    How to see the solar eclipseOn August 21, 2017, between 9 am PST and 3 pm EST (check your timing here) everyone in North America will be able to see Read more
  • Frankincense study on Cancer cells
    How to say Frankincense and Cancer in the same sentence without going to jail.A few years ago the FDA came down on essential oil companies because a few people were Read more
  • Popular Shampoo destorying your hair! Here's what to do instead
    “Clarifying shampoos are formulated with higher levels of surfactants than other shampoos,” explained Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist for Dove Hair (a line I personally use). “They’re formulated to remove Read more
  • The Long Game
    Abundant Health chiropractic office, Grand Junction implement The Long GameWe've heard a lot lately regarding how certain nations play a long game in terms of regional influence and global geopolitics. Read more
  • Your Wellness Profile
    Shalona, Chiropractor can help with Your Wellness Profile! Right here in Grand Junction, CO.Regular Chiropractic Care and Ongoing WellnessAll personal wellness programs benefit from a holistic perspective. We don't only Read more
  • Self Guided Imagery
    Dr. McFarland, Abundant Health LLC, Grand Junction shares her finds on Self Guided ImagerySelf-Guided ImageryMindfulness techniques can assist a person substantially in achieving improved levels of health and well-being. These Read more
  • The Quest for Strong Abs
    Dr. Shalona McFarland, Grand Junction admits: The Quest for Strong Absis in this article!The abs rule. As a result of this not-so-subtle imperative, a flat abdominal musculature is one of Read more
  • The Four Seasons
    The Four SeasonsLifestyle Upgrades and Regular Chiropractic CareWhen we read about the national epidemics of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, or listen to news reports, programs, or Read more
  • Walk this Way!
    Chiropractor, Shalona McFarland, Abundant HealthInvites you to Walk This WaySelf-Actualization and Regular Chiropractic CareRegardless of the types of self-improvement activities and lifestyle enhancements you're engaged in, regular chiropractic care will Read more
  • Dr. Shalona confession: Key to better operating system
    Dr. Shalona McFarland, Grand Junction Chiropractor confesses:Chiropractic is the Key to a Better Operating SystemRegular Chiropractic Care and Ongoing Maintenance for Good HealthWhen you consider yourself as a living organism, Read more