Chiropractic Improves Thinking!

Creative thinking is one of the greatest human assets in that it initiates new thoughts and world changing ideas. Creativity is the ability to generate ideas of both novel and useful form to a particular social setting. Innovative thoughts inspire excitement and unlock the depths of human potential. New research has shown that chiropractic adjustments significantly improve the creative thought process.

Life is dull, bland and stale without the ability to be creative. The unrestricted human mind has the ability to solve problems with new ideas that build off of the latest technology of the day. In fact, nearly every problem mankind has ever faced has been solved by a new, more creative way of thinking and living.

Real World Implications for Creative Thinking

Professional athletes have big incentives to perform at an elite level every time they participate in their sport. Business people, doctors, scientists and others have incentive to perform at their highest level every time they step foot into their specific arena. The ability to think quickly and innovatively is one of the characteristics that allows these individuals to have extraordinary success in their field. These characteristics also allow these professions to evolve to a higher level.

Therapies and ergonomic aids such as caffeine, herbs, and medications have been used for many years to help individuals perform better in their particular field. Performance aids that benefit the individual with very low risk of danger, side effects or addiction are valuable commodities.
A recent study showed that chiropractic adjustments positively affected creative thinking. The pilot study was published in the June 2010 edition of the Chiropractic Journal of Australia.

This study used the “alternative uses test” to measure creative abilities pre/post adjustment. The alternative uses test has the individual write down as many uses for a specific object as possible during a ten minute period. An example would be to name all the different ways one could use a newspaper, a chair, or a shoe.

Pre-testing using the alternative uses test was performed in the beginning on all ten research participants. Then each of these participants was assessed for subluxation. Subluxation is “a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological articular changes that compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system function and general health.”

Following the assessment the subjects were administered a chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is defined as, “A maneuver in a specific vector, velocity, intensity of force and point of application that is intended to assist the body in restoring normal tone by correcting subluxation in whole or in part.” After the adjustment, the subjects performed another version of the alternative uses test.

Chiropractic Improved Real World Creative Tasks

The subjects were then interviewed two to eight days later after the adjustment to measure lasting effects on creativity. Six of the ten participants experienced a significant post-adjustment improvement in their performance on the alternative uses test. The follow up interviews showed an even stronger result. Seven of the ten individuals indicated they had new directions in a real world creative task. Six individuals claimed to have renewed energy towards a creative project they had already planned. Meanwhile, none of the subjects interviewed said they noticed less energy or creative thinking since the adjustment.

This study indicates that a majority of individuals had improvement in real world creative tasks for two to eight days post adjustment. With the profound implications that the results suggest, it seems appropriate to allocate substantial research dollars to look more in-depth at the ability of chiropractic adjustments in improving creative thinking.

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