Guide to Preventing Cancer

This is a general guide to make better decisions.

1)*Exercise.  Even a small amount of exercise can offer substantial protection.  Men who exercise just once a week lower prostate cancer risk by 30%.  Other studies suggest that the more active you are the lower your risk of colon and breast cancers (the biggest killers after lung cancer).  One study showed regular physical activity reduced risk of colon cancer by 25-40% while another showed even a few hours of vigorous activity per week compared to none reduced breast cancers by 30-40%!  Keep walking!

2)*Don’t Smoke!  And avoid secondhand smoke as well.  Smoking causes more than one in four cancers.  Nonsmokers who worked in a smoking workplace had three times the amount of carcinogens in their urine compared to those working in a smoke-free workplace.

3)*Sleep 7 hours a night.  A large 2002 study showed that those who sleep about 7 hours a night were less likely to die of cancer and other causes than those who slept either substantially more or less than that.  The reasons are unknown but the statistics seem clear enough.

4)*Foods to eat:  Add broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage to your diet.  This family of veggies contains chemicals that help cells repair DNA, which may help prevent them from becoming cancerous.  Eat blueberries as they help protect against colon cancers.  Drink pomegranate juice as studies show it may inhibit the growth of lung cancer and it reduces risk of prostate cancer by 83%!  Seaweed sheets, used to wrap sushi, may protect against skin cancers so try some sushi.

5)*Avoid fat and red meat:  A major study of half a million Europeans, focused on 13,000 women and found those who ate the diet highest in saturated fat (over 3.2 ounces a day) were twice as likely to develop breast cancer as those who ate the least (less than 1.4 ounces/day).  Saturated fats include full fat dairy products and fatty meats, especially sausage, bacon, and most processed meats.  The same study found bowel cancer risk a third higher for those who ate more than two small servings (2.86 ounces each) of red meat or processed meats a day compared to those who ate less than one serving a week.  Red meat included beef, pork, lamb, or veal.  This study did not include wild game of any sort, they are fair game.

6)*Take supplements:  Men who took a daily selenium supplement (200 mcg) for 4.5 years cut their prostate cancer risk by 49% and if their initial levels were abnormally low the protection was even greater.  Women who took 1000 IU of vitamin D3 daily lowered risks of all cancers by 42% compared to those taking a placebo over a four year study.  Vitamin D3 causes early death of cancer cells.  The body makes Vit. D3 in the sunlight but low light in winter, dark skin, or sunscreen use prevents most people from getting enough so we suggest at least 1000 IU a day in supplements.

7)  Only consume Stevia or Xylotol for artificial sweeteners if you must go that route.  If you are diabetic, Xylotol and Sorbitol are out because they are alcohol based.  However, Stevia is just fine.  Local honey is always a good choice as well.  Now, here is the list to avoid at all costs.  The following artificial sweeteners are neurotoxins ( toxic to the nervous system), they are highly addictive, make you crave more food and are carcinogens to boot.  They mimic diabetes, MS and Lupus and if you have a systemic disease, it will make it worse.  Splenda, Aspartame, Neotame, Sucralose, Acesulfame-K (Sunette, Sweet & Safe, Sweet One, Sweet & Low), Cyclamates, Saccharin, Refined Sugar #, High Fructose Sweeteners, Agave Nectar.  There are probably a few I missed also.

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