Hello, my name is Melanie Scott, otherwise known as the friendly person who answers the phone. I have been with Abundant Health, LLC, for 8 ½ years, and I couldn’t be happier. I am happily married to my husband Jerett. We have two beautiful girls, Savanna and Shelbie, and I am an awesome grandma to my grandson Noah. I graduated high school in 1993, followed by some college. I initially worked with my family’s towing company for a few years, before moving to Grand Junction from Southern California in 2008. Coming from the California desert, I never fully understood the changing of seasons. Living in Grand Junction, I love experiencing the changing seasons and am in awe every single year. I am usually a very laid back person, I love reading, and I love taking care of my family and friends. I have joined the PTO of a local school, and I love the fact that I am helping make my child’s school a better place. I love working here at Abundant health; an place where our patients become an extended part of our close-knit family.


Welcome to Abundant Health LLC! I am the faithful ancient secret behind the scenes at Abundant Health. From Social Media and Marketing, to Payroll and Bookkeeping; I am the one who makes it all happen and you probably rarely see me! I’ve been fortunate to be working with Abundant Health since 2011. Abundant Health has shared with my family and I the importance of Chiropractic care, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Laser, Foot Bath Ion Cleanse, Massage, Christian Faith, Giving and too many other topics to mention at this moment. I see Dr. Shalona and Melanie as a dynamic duo when it comes to client care – they are filled with compassion and are motivated by people. I am thankful to share in the well being of each of you though my involvement with Abundant Health. Extracurricular wise, I very much enjoy my family, socializing and the outdoors including sports, hunting and camping. Hope you add to the grand movement of taking care of health – yours, your family and your friends – abundantly!