Practice Good Posture with Advice

Practice Good Posture with Advice

Just because you stand up without stooping does not necessarily mean you have proper posture. Proper posture is more than just a straight back as it includes proper positioning of the head neck back hips and feet as well as proper alignment of the spine. At our clinic we hold proper posture very dear as improper posture comes with a range of detrimental side effects. These can include back shoulder and neck pain fatigue headaches a decreased attention span and energy level joint stiffness muscle tension and even depression. Are you ready for proper posture yet?
Proper Posture Tips

Ensuring your body is properly aligned starts by making sure your spine is aligned which can be examined during a visit to your chiropractor. The rest is up to you. Eliminating negative stress can help immensely. Negative stress comes in the form of poorly adjusted seats at work or in your car carrying too much weight or habitually sitting or standing in an unbalanced position. Anything that pulls your body out of its proper alignment can be considered negative stress. This type of stress makes your muscles do the work of supporting your body when that job should go to your spine. Otherwise your muscles rebel with tension pain and other side effects.

Now pay attention to the way you sit and stand throughout your day. Your head should be situated directly above your back without hunching forward to gaze at a computer screen. Your pelvis should be directly below your shoulders and when standing directly above your ankles and feet. Your weight should be evenly distributed while sitting with your feet firmly on the floor and your back straight. Crossing your legs or listing to one side creates negative stressors that count against you. Adjust your seating to provide a posture-friendly environment and say goodbye to back pain and related ailments related to poor posture.

Do you practice proper posture or poor posture? How do you remind yourself to focus on your posture?

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