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You have all seen the crash test dummies that are used in vehicles to see what happens when the car is in an accident. The problem with the current dummies is that they are not representative of the average person today. They used to be based on a body weighing 167 pounds. As your weight increases, so does the physical aspects of crashes based on that weight. Remember your physics? F = ma. Force equals mass multiplied by acceleration. As your weight increases so does the force with which you would hit the dashboard. Will the air bag protect your with the added force? A study done by the University of Buffalo and the Erie County Medical Center examined over 150,000 car crashes. What they found shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Those with a healthy weight did the best. Those that were moderately obese had a 21% higher risk of dying and the morbidly obese had a 51% increased risk. The most important thing in this study was that the individuals who died didn’t die because of seat belt failure but because they weren’t wearing a seat belt. Why? It’s possible that the seat belt didn’t fit them so the heavier they were, the less likely they were to wear the belt. It should be interesting to see what the testing with newly sized dummies will show both with and without seat belts.
We are all hearing a lot of concerns about airbags these days. If your vehicle is on the recall list, it is even more important for you to protect yourself with your seat belt. Get in the habit of always wearing your seat belt and start working towards a healthier weight if you are overweight. Your life could depend on it. Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.
Please travel safe as you visit family and friends this season!

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