Sinus help: Magnolia Flower or Grape Seed Extract

Magnolia Flower Vs. Grape Seed Extract for Sinus


Acute sinus problems may develop as the result of a virus, bacteria or allergen and usually last a few weeks. Fungal infections may lead to chronic sinus problems, which can last for months. Allergy shots, antihistamines and avoidance of known allergens may prevent chronic sinus problems. Herbal remedies using magnolia flower and grape seed extract may also contribute to sinus health. Consult your doctor before starting any herbal treatment.


Magnolia flower is a Chinese herb used to treat chronic conditions that affect your lungs and upper respiratory system. Its main function is to unclog sinus passages obstructed by congestion, a common sinus problem. Unlike magnolia flower, grape seed extract acts as an decongestant and antifungal agent. As such, it can contribute to symptom relief while helping to kill off the fungus that caused it.


The buds and petals from magnolia flower are sun-dried and filtered for medicinal purposes. It is generally used to treat sinus headaches and nasal congestion due to inflammation. Grape seed extract, on the other hand, can be used to treat and prevent sinus problems. According to Dr. Dallas Clouatre, author of “All About Grape Seed Extract,” a component of grape seed extract, known as catechin, inhibits the production of histamine, a chemical that causes sniffling, sneezing and inflammation when you come in contact with an allergen. As such, grape seed extract works as a natural antihistamine by reducing your body’s allergic response to an irritant.


The essential oil from magnolia flower can be inhaled or used topically. Putting a small amount of magnolia extract in your nose is thought to reduce headaches from sinus pressure. Magnolia flower is also available as a pill, powder or ointment. Grape seed extract is derived from the skin of red grapes used to make wine. It is also available as a food supplement and comes in liquid, capsule and tablet form.


Very few clinical trials have been performed to test the purported benefits of magnolia flower. Therefore, there is a lack scientific research available to determine the effectiveness of magnolia flower for any condition. Although there are numerous clinical studies involving grape seed extract, most of them involve rats, not humans. Also, these studies typically focus on other conditions such as cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Research on its specific use as a medicinal herb for sinus health and respiratory functioning is lacking.

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