The Power of Scent

Do you know that smell can trigger memories and bring the memories back? You have experienced familiar smells, like your grandma’s bread baking or freshly cut grass. When you first smelled these kinds of aromas, your brain created new associations from the smell and the experience. It automatically attaches the positive or negative emotion you are feeling at the time of the smell.

So, in the future when you experience the smell again, you also experience the positive or negative emotion associated with that smell. Aromatherapy-the use of aromatic plants for wellness-acts in a similar way. An aromatic plant oil is breathed in and can trigger the sense of an emotion. Emotions such sadness, grief, or anger can be released and replaced with positive emotions such as joy, comfort, peace, and calmness.

Now for some practical uses of Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils. Here are a few simple steps you can use with Release and Joy oil blends to rid yourself of unwanted emotions and replace them with desirable ones:

  1. Place a few drops of Release over the liver and hold it as you feel heat release and emotions calm.
  2. Add a few drops of Joy to your bath water to uplift your mood before you start the day.
  3. Diffuse Release for a time then Joy throughout the house to move stale air.
  4. When negative emotions try to creep back, apply Release to the heart.
  5. Put Joy on the crown of the head to invigorate, enhance, and create positive emotions.

In the morning, when you pop out of bed, start the day right by grabbing Joy essential oil blend to empower you to take on the challenges of the day. In your first waking moments, prepare your body for the day both emotionally and spirituality.

The right combination of oils can really help your day go smoothly. At night use Release to clear and let go of any negative experiences you had during the day, then sleep well until you start another morning with Joy.

Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne Murphy, LMT

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